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Energy Action Fund

Cultivating a Cleaner Future

Energy Action Fund works to build clean energy markets and reduce carbon emissions through policy wins

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Our Mission

Spurring markets for clean energy solutions

Our strategy aims to support clean energy advocates, achieve significant legislative wins, and accelerate the transition to a clean energy economy.


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We promote policies that drive innovation and reduce carbon emissions

We deliver results by empowering local advocates, executing accountability campaigns, and building bipartisan policymaker support to influence energy policy in the U.S.

Support Public Policy

We support organizations in venues across the country with the ability to get energy policies across the finish line.

Foster Accountability

We advance robust accountability strategies that keep policymakers on target and working in the public’s best interest.

Empower Local Voices

We work with a network of campaign experts across the political spectrum who understand what it takes to win in state capitols.

Engage Decision-Makers

We know that strong policy is made when lawmakers have access to sound analysis and input from their communities.

Energy Action Fund concentrates its resources with powerful voices for clean energy in venues across the U.S.

We invest in venues with opportunities to achieve clean energy victories across all levels of government.


In local communities, clean energy and climate laws reduce the health impacts of air and water pollution on the most vulnerable populations.


Smart state legislative strategies disrupt politics-as-usual to accelerate the transition to a clean energy economy.


State wins cut emissions, grow markets, and allow new technologies to scale, building momentum for federal action.

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Explore the Highlights

We know where and when clean energy ideas can break through the opposition to become laws.

Energy Transition Act

New Mexico adopts one of the country’s most ambitious clean energy goals.

Energy Freedom Act

South Carolina embraces energy innovation.

Silver State Goes Clean

Nevada’s governor commits to a zero carbon emissions goal by 2050.

Clean Energy Jobs Act

In 2019, Maryland’s Republican governor sets historic goal to ramp-up clean energy job creation in the state.

Colorado Passes Energy Package

Colorado sets ambitious climate goals through electric vehicle incentives and utility requirements, among other measures.